Building enduring solutions to social and economic problems takes more than shoring up internal capacity to deliver programs – it requires that we transform the system around us by locating our development efforts in a wider ecosystem of actors and initiatives. When we bridge boundaries and work with others, we achieve greater levels of change than we could alone. This is what Economic Stimulus Projects for Work and Action (ESPWA) proposes to do to help build the capacity of Haitian communities and organizations.

ESPWA focuses on supporting social innovators, local leaders and forward thinking development agencies to operate more effectively within the larger, dynamic ecosystem of diverse institutions and programs. ESPWA seeks to amplify impact, drive meaningful change, and work collaboratively with others to improve the lives of Haiti’s people.

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Our work ensures that assistance projects are Haitian-led and community-based at every stage. We prioritize programs benefiting vulnerable groups, including women and children, the disabled, the elderly, and internally displaced persons. Where non-Haitian leadership is absolutely necessary, we ensure that Haitians are provided positions where they can learn from project implementation and develop national capacity to perform those functions.